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Ring of Dreams
Mar. 23, 2021
Geary Bartmess
Fiction: Mystery/Crime
This 81,468 word suspense novel is based on the theory of psychometry, the idea that by holding or wearing some physical object a person with psychic abilities can pick up information about the person who previously possessed the object. The book is two stories which become connected. One story takes place in 1985 on the French Riviera and the other in 1912 Egypt. Greg Stuart of the 1985 story is living in France while working consulting jobs in Saudi Arabia. When Greg starts wearing an old ring he found during a scuba diving trip in the Persian Gulf he starts having recurring dreams of another life in Egypt. He is determined to understand the meaning of the dreams, some of which are quite disturbing. The story involves the discovery of an ancient tomb near the Valley of the Kings in Luxor, Egypt and the murder of two young Egyptians who originally found the tomb in 1912. When an Egyptologist confirms the ring is from ancient Egypt Greg and his girlfriend travel there where the pieces of the full story eventually come together. They must face the danger of a modern day descendant of the men who killed the Egyptian boys in 1912.
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This book was written over a period of years. Although I once had been to Cairo, I made a special trip to Luxor, Egypt to accurately describe much of the setting. Some months ago I retrieved my manuscript from storage and have revised and edited it here in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico where I now live. After I read excerpts to the Puerto Vallarta Writers Group I decided I wanted to publish the book. I am a retired lawyer, and in addition to the U.S. and Mexico I have lived in Saudi Arabia, France and the Philippines. I have dabbled in writing for most of my life.
Geary Bartmess
phone: +1 52 322 101 7424
2163 Lima Loop, PMB 130-292, Laredo, TX 78045
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