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Mar. 18, 2021
JL Morin
Fiction: Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Book Excellence Award Finalist;
ScreenCraft Semifinalist (top 12% of submissions);
Fish shortlist (top 4% of submissions); A cli-fi love story

An American euthanasist and an Egyptian astrological farmer delve into the evolution of the collective soul as an extremophile virus targets a select few.

Cli-Fi at its best, where the twisted scientific changes of our present-day lives catalyze love in parallel universes. Loveoid grapples with the dilemmas of the latest generation of humankind ⎯ that the loving don’t survive. In the present-day novel Loveoid, Olivia unravels a virus that only harms the corporate upper crust. In combat with media, governments and corporations, as love-lacking predators on top kill off life on earth, Olivia finds love, and comes to question her own ideals. The impossibly mixed match encounters life-threatening obstacles, as Khalid elicits her darkest fears, yet lights the way with astrologicial farming, ancient holistic remedies and spiritualism. Will love allow them to stay human?
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TV, Film, Foreign Language Translation
Simone Weingarten
Harvard Square Editions
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