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I Wasn't There (WSOY, 2021)
Sept. 16, 2021
Ida Pimenoff
Digital: Fiction: Debut
An exuberant investigation into midlife malaise and single parenthood, exploring the gut-wrenching effects of parental estrangement.

Vera is an artistic and emotionally sharp thirty-nine-year-old woman, pursuing a career as a writer while navigating life as a single parent in Helsinki. As a child, Vera’s father walked out on her, only to start afresh with a new wife and kids—something that Vera has spent years unpacking the effects of with her therapist.

When Vera’s partner Aki leaves her for another woman, she focuses her energies on making sure their son Mikael is alright. Although Aki’s rejection brings up painful memories of her past, Vera is determined to ensure that Mikael has a happier childhood than she did. But things take a turn for the worse when Aki not only cuts off contact with Vera but also loses interest in their son.

Afraid that she’s giving Mikael the very childhood she has spent years trying to forget, Vera looks back on the lasting effects of her estrangement from her father and vows to face her own trauma, embarking upon a personal odyssey into her own family’s troubled history.

Astonishingly intimate, breathtakingly raw, and painfully astute, I Wasn’t There is an unflinching account of the bliss and torment of love and parenthood. A lyrical meditation on hope and inherited trauma, the stylish, uncluttered prose of I Wasn’t There contains echoes of Vigdis Hjorth and Alex Schulman.
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