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[screenplay] The Ischerwood Incident
Feb. 12, 2021
William H. Christ, Jr.
Fiction: Mystery/Crime
Ischerwood Hall is a former Steam Propulsion laboratory building built in 1895 at the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland. Located near the banks of the Severn River, the building was demolished more than thirty years ago in the mid-1980s.

In September of 1903, on the fog-shrouded Severn River near the Academy, two 1st Class Naval cadets Albert Hurlock and Thomas Kelly were conducting navigational survey experiments on the Severn River near the Academy. They encounter a strange creature, the likes of which neither had ever seen.

Over the following weeks, Albert and Tom continued tracking the creature. It hit their dingy, causing Albert to fall overboard and get bitten on his left shoulder. After being treated at Sick Bay, he returned to documenting the events about the creature in his daily Journal which he now is writing in Latin.

On Halloween night, 1903, Albert and Tom succeeded in luring the creature into a Severn River pound-netting maze. It was in the shallow waters near the Academy. After harpooning and killing the beast, they carried the carcass in darkness, into a lab inside of Ischerwood Hall to perform a midnight Autopsy. They discover an embryo. A severe thunderstorm begins raging outside. Albert puts the fetus into a brown medicine bottle with familicide. Lightning strikes Ischerwood Hall and a fire quickly engulfs the structure. Tom is overcome with smoke and collapses while Albert escapes. Running, he drops the brown bottle and it rolls underneath the nearby Dolphin Fountain.

Unable to find it, he alerts the Bucket Brigade who comes to fight the fire. It completely guts the lab and nearly destroys the evidence of the creature’s existence. Albert is accused of the Arson fire and Tom’s death. After going insane with grief, he is sent to an Asylum. His family is unaware that he was bitten by the creature before its capture.

Albert had been engaged prior to his Severn River discovery. His widow had given birth to his son, George Hurlock in 1904. By 1944, after marrying, his son, Douglas Hurlock, Sr. is born before his father George goes insane. The Hurlock family now seems plagued. The story resumes in 1969 when Albert’s adult grandson, Douglas Sr., begins repeating a strange Latin phrase to his wife and young son, “Numquam vulnus consanecent.” It drives him to near madness, and he disappears. His Family never saw him again. Following his vanishing, he finds a girlfriend has a baby. They name him Aaron Hurlock. After another breakdown, he jump off the Chesapeake Bay Bridge and disappears. He survives and soon takes on a new identity as Tim Fitzgerald. “Fitz” now is the Director of the Academy’s Public Works Department. He is tasked with the demolition of Ischerwood Hall.

Aaron grows up in Scranton, Pennsylvania. As he gets older, he attends the same high school where his Classmate and star athlete, Michael Long, has gotten appointed to the U.S. Naval Academy’s Plebe Class of 1991. Aaron, unable to qualify, takes Michael to the Scranton bus station. There he kills Mike, dresses in his clothes, and puts the body in a Dumpster. Aaron then boards the bus for Annapolis.

In the morning, buses arrive on 1 July 1987 with the Class of 1991. Michael Long (a.k.a. Aaron Hurlock) is assigned to the 17th Company Brigade whose Company Commander is Senior Midshipman 1st Class Douglas Hurlock, Jr. (a.k.a. is the great-grandson of Albert). Midshipman Hurlock and Plebe Long start off on the wrong foot. Shortly, back in Scranton, Michael Long’s family dies in a natural gas explosion! (Set by Aaron). During a difficult plebe summer, Plebe Long (Aaron discovers the steam tunnels under Bancroft Hall) ends up on probation. Plebe Graduation brings Michael Long’s Uncle to visit his nephew. He meets Aaron who instantly kills him and disposes of his body down a storm drain.

Throughout the same period, a quiet man, soon to retire from the U.S. Naval Academy Public Works Department named “Fitz”, begins operating his own covert smuggling operation. Fitz plays the Horses at the racetrack and losses. He and his buddy begin removing brass and copper from Ischerwood Hall and sell it outside of the Academy for personal profit. A Public Works man named Jay Ramsey discovers Albert’s old journal in the debris, and gives it to Fitz, who cannot read Latin. He throws the journal into the trashcan. His secretary Paula recovers the journal and sees the Latin writings and is curious. She puts the journal into her filing cabinet.

By early September of 1987, Midshipman Hurlock and his fiancée, Midshipman Charlene Fincher, watch as the wrecking ball come crashing down on the abandoned Ischerwood Hall. The old Dolphin Fountain is lifted off its base by a crane. The area begins to flood, and they both watch a brown bottle float down into a storm drain. A bazaar chain of events follows. Human remains are discovered by the maintenance workers inside of maze of ancient steam tunnels that run beneath the Academy ‘Yard.’ Paula meets up with Charlene and finds out she is fluid in Latin from Catholic High School. Paula gives her Albert’s journal to translate from Latin to English. Charlene soon tells Doug about Albert’s 1903 discovery of a creature, which was nicknamed “Chessy.”

By the end of October of 1987, Naval and Civilian N.I.S. (Naval Investigative Service) agents, along with Annapolis City police, are seeking answers to several unsolved murders and disappearances around the Annapolis, and the discovery of Michael Long’s body in a Scranton Landfill. Soon an Agent from D.C is brutally attacked and killed inside a steam tunnel!

Convinced that Albert’s creature has returned, Midshipman Douglas Hurlock, his fiancée and several other classmates and friends become totally involved in a hunt to prove of the creature’s existence, and the real cause of this modern-day horror story.

Imprisoned in the base brig for his meddling in the Navy’s own investigation, Midshipman Hurlock is unable to assist his fiancée and her friends. Midshipman Fincher pleads with the Commander, the Chaplain, and an Annapolis newspaper reporter for her boyfriend’s release. She tries desperately to convince them that there was a real threat from Albert’s creature from 1903. Prisoner Doug Hurlock, while in the brig, began to hallucinate about “Chessy” and began reciting Albert’s Latin phrases over and over to the point of madness. As a result, he got verbally and physically abused by the sadistic Marine guards.

On Halloween night, Midshipman Fincher, her roommate Mary Nelson, Paula DeSensay, and Jay Ramsey secretly enter the subterranean steam tunnels and encounter both Fitz and his stepson, Aaron. A huge battle ensues. Jay is wounded and Paul and Mary are taken hostage. Midshipman Fincher manages to escape into the steam tunnel. Scalding steam and the threat of plastic explosives, brought by Fitz, do not deter the Marines as they hear Paula and Mary screaming. What stops them cold is seeing both Fitz and his stepson Aaron transform right before their eyes into two twenty-foot-long eel-snakes which lunge forward to attack them. Unloading a volley of automatic weapon fire, the whole tunnel erupts into a huge fireball. Everyone below is killed. Only Midshipman Fincher survives without ever actually seeing the creatures.

The story concludes six months later following their Commissioning and Graduation as U.S. Navy Ensign Douglas Hurlock, Jr. and U.S. Navy Ensign Charlene Fincher are wed in the Academy’s Chapel. After the beautiful ceremony, the happy couple walk down the Chapel’s steps under Classmate’s crossed sabers. Suddenly, everyone looks in horror as Ensign Hurlock grabs his left arm and screams, “Numquam vulnus consanescent!” Charlene cries out, “The wound never heals!”
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