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The Silent Teachers
Feb. 12, 2021
Pryamvada Bann
Non-fiction: General/Other
Have you ever wondered why, as human beings, we look at a thundering waterfall or a beautiful butterly with such awe?

And grasp a moment in time where all the senses are powerfully charged to almost lift you off your feet?

Observing bees on my flowering crabapple tree, buzzing about their business told me: Life must go on when tragedy strikes.

"The Silent Teachers" is a collection of prose, telling short stories about such experiences to help readers rediscover the meaning and purpose of life through their everyday experiences. It's for anyone searching for some answers in creating a life of peace despite the hectic and stressful human existence.
Mia Tyler
Global Summit House
phone: 315 556 3079 ext. 1031
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