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The Stars Among Us
Feb. 4, 2021
Sanja Srdic
Fiction: Women's/Romance
Love story of a small-town girl and not-so-ordinary movie star set in the Croatian city of Dubrovnik and hot Mediterranean nights that drove her from anonymity to the glamorous lights of Hollywood

Have you ever had a crush on someone famous? Well, so did Nora, the protagonist of the novel The Stars Among Us.
At 17, like so many girls her age, she was shamelessly in love with the lead actor of a TV show she adored.
Then she grew up. Found a job. Had a boyfriend. Lived a regular life. Worked as an extra on the set of a Hollywood movie
being shot in her small country alongside that same actor… Wait, what?

That was Nora’s exact reaction when she heard that Lucas Winter, her teenage crush, was coming to the set where she was currently working.
And just as she decided she could ignore that fact and concentrate on the job she came to Dubrovnik to do, an accidental blow to her head
by the aforementioned actor during filming would change her life forever.
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