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Sons, Daughters
Feb. 3, 2021
Ivana Bodrozic
Fiction: General/Other
A novel of family, body, femininity and liberation depicting a wrenching relationship between a transgender man and a woman; a demanding love between a mother and a daughter, both of which are deeply marked and wounded by the merciless, interiorized patriarchy.
A daughter is laying in a hospital bed paralyzed after a car crash, left without the possibility to speak and unable to move anything but her eyes vertically. Physically restrained but self-conscious, she is forced to reminiscence. A son is trapped in the body which he doesn’t feel his own, in a role assigned to him and different from the one he saw for himself, forced to endure misperception and vile abuse of the community in order to become what he really is. A mother carries the burden of generations, distorted by the violent patriarchy, growing up oppressed and lectured, taught she is never good enough for the world which holds no place for the desires and choices of women.
They voices intertwine in a story which gives each of them the right to their own truth, pain and drive for survival; children that long for their parents’ validation, sons and daughters that long for acceptance, parents shaped by the fear they will later inflict onto their children. The novel questions our matrilineal family legacies and points to the unbreakable bond between our personal freedoms, human dignity and social circumstances, and does so with empathy, its most powerful weapon, breaking the chains and unlocking lives, concealed family relations and forbidden love stories.
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World rights available while option publishers: Germany (Hanser), France (Acte Sud), Denmark (Tiderne Skifter), Hungary (Libri), Czech (Paseka), Slovenia (Modrijan), Serbia (Rende), Macedonia (Magor), Turkey (Aylak Adam), USA (Seven Stories Press), Italy (Sellerio Editore)
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Serbia (Orfelin)
Diana Matulic
Corto Literary d.o.o.
phone: +385914577409
Ulica Republike Austrije 23, Zagreb, 10000
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