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The Shadow
Feb. 19, 2021
Sharon Powell
Fiction: General/Other
England had become one of the greatest powers of the 18th. century as technology began to change the shape of human life. Doctor Victor Frankenstein forges ahead to become one of the most influential men to the history of science. Life saving discoveries so incredible even the doctor himself questioned the marvels. Stumbling through a world without logic he becomes imprisoned by the celestial spirit of youth and the fiendish outspokenness of those who would call him a madman. Locked within his own world he is unable to reveal his greatest works of art and relies upon the help of a young child and the mysteries binding them. Refusing to reveal the truth Frankenstein hangs his head in sorrow while an angry crowd prepares him for the gallows....
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Ownership of Author: Publication in progress: Austin Macauley Publishers, New York, NY 2020
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Author is a poetic award winner, novelist, and research writer with prior publications, THE HEADLINER, https://www.sharipowell.blogspot.com, 16 year veteran writer. Prior publications through Tate Publishers, The Profession, 2013. TV and Film opportunities. The Shadow is a sequel to the original Mary Shelly Frankenstein.
Sharon Powell
phone: 17655432462
238 Cromwell Ct, Lafayette, IN 47909
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