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[screenplay] The Blue Orb
Mar. 1, 2022
Suzy Vivian
Fiction: Sci-Fi/Fantasy
After stealing an immensely powerful orb from malicious witches, Jasmine teams up with an aging wizard to stop the witches from gaining control of the orb and dominating the world.


Our hero Jasmine is being hunted by ravenous wolves through the forest. She’s heading for a castle in the short distance. She has in her possession, the most powerful object in the world, the blue orb. Which she stole from a clan of witches, led by Zora, a menacing witch who will do anything to get the orb back because it's their source of power and wealth. Somehow, Jasmine manages to escape from the wolves into the castle of Zarcon, an ageing yet powerful wizard.

Zarcon realizes the urgency to prevent the witches from getting their hands on the orb. Hence, he comes up with a plan to find Donavan, a man with exceptional powers to blocks spells. Donavan has a deep resentment for Zora for killing his family and because of this, Donavan has been in retirement ever since. Jasmine hoped Donavan would aid them due to the intimate relationship she has with him.

Jasmine sets out with Zarcon and his Soldiers to find Donavan’s cabin, leaving the castle almost defenseless. Taking Greta, a woman with the ability to control people’s emotions, and a devoted confidant to Zarcon.

Zora and her witches attack Zarcon’s defenseless castle in the hopes of retrieving the orb. But to their dismay, they discover that Jasmine and Zarcon have already left with it. Infuriated, the witches kill any person they find, later demolishing the castle with a dark power called the Black Wind.

Zarcon senses the magic of the black wind miles away, and they are later attacked by a mysterious creature which none of them saw coming. Jasmine takes it heavily when one of Zarcon's men die because of this. Zarcon is helpless to help in any way. This forces Zarcon to create a magical shield around them, knowing that doing this will prompt the witches of their location. But he has no alternative.

Zora senses the use of magic, and she immediately sends her wolves to retrieve it. This ensues into a brutal battle between Jasmine, Zarcon and their group against a pack of bloodthirsty wolves. Jasmine and her group win the battle but loses a few men in the process. Jasmine blames herself for bringing the men this far to their deaths but the men insist they won’t turn back since they know what’s at stake.

Finally, they arrive at Donavan’s cabin. They explain to him why they need his help to stop the witches. After much deliberation on Donavan’s side, he agrees to help. They later come up with the plan to outwit the witches to destroy or send the orb to another dimension. Jasmine and Donavan begin to spend more time together as their intimate relationship grows.

To execute the plan, Zarcon meets Zora and her witches alone at a town square with the something in the shape of an orb. Zora demands the orb be returned to her. But Zarcon won’t do such a thing. Determined to get back the orb, Zora attempts to kill Zarcon with a lethal spell. But the spell is veered by Donavan who was lurking behind them with Jasmine with the real orb. Donavan directs the power of the spell to the orb, creating a bolt of lightning which sends the orb into another dimension.

Zora realizes they are defeated; she throws a knife at Jasmine in an attempt to kill her. At the same time, one of Zarcon’s archers shoots an arrow into Zora’s chest, killing her. The knife grazes Jasmine’s arm.

The other witches and wolves try escaping, so it falls on Greta to use her power to control the emotions of the people in the town. The people become filled with the desire to seize the witches, they go after them to bring an end to the witches. As for Jasmine, due to the injury from the knife, she falls unconscious. She wakes up later to find Donavan sitting next to her. He kisses her and asks her to marry him. To that, she answers “Yes”.
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Suzy Vivian and her cat Tazy live quietly in the small town of Layton in Utah. The Blue Orb is her first book. She is currently working on a sequel to the Blue Orb, published in late 2021. She is planning on making a trilogy of the series.
Fans can find her at her website: www.suzyvivian.com. Her book can be purchased on Amazon or Barnes and Noble.
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