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Sobremesa: A Memoir of Food and Love in Thirteen Courses
Jan. 26, 2021
Josephine Caminos Oria
Non-fiction: Memoir
Sobremesa: A Memoir of Food and Love in Thirteen Courses by Josephine Caminos Oría, draws on this background to take shape as a culinary memoir told through food and cooking about coming-of-age in love and in life after experiencing great loss. A la Laura Esquivel’s Like Water for Chocolate, Sobremesa is richly sprinkled with mystical encounters with the spirit world and the ghosts we carry with us, who are always there, ready to be conjured back to mind through taste and smell. Told in three parts, Sobremesa is comprised of an Introduction, a Prologue, thirteen chapters, and a brief Afterword. Its narrative is laid out like a linen-draped table whose structure is wholly dependent on the sobremesas and the post-meal digestion of the recipes that are listed at the end of each chapter—each labeled with an Argentine culinary idiom that reflects the main episodes in the chapter’s narrative. Each of the thirteen chapters adds a delicacy to the story line—opening with an unforgettable dish and closing with the sobremesa it inspired. Some, an elaborate family gathering; others a quick nibble of profound conversation at the breakfast table, along a roadside truckstop diner, even in bed. Details of additional bicultural traditions and secondary recipes are woven throughout the story. As in life, time doesn’t necessarily behave itself during sobremesa and the memoir’s structure reflects this, jumping forward, turning back, traveling between past and present but always connecting back to an emotional core based in the connection sobremesa fosters, and the tragedy that ensues when it is neglected.

Sobremesa taps into our spiritual side and the things that all humans have in common—the need to eat and the desire to share. For Argentines, Latinos and Hispanics in general, food and wine are not the end goal of any evening or event but rather a conduit to something else, something mysterious and meaningful that happens between people—past and present (possibly even future)—that requires eats and liquid nourishment but ultimately transcends it. We all carry ghosts with us—whether we choose to recognize them or not—just as we are all ghosts in the making.

Today, during the unprecedented quarantine that has gripped our nation and world, I can’t help but think we need sobremesa more than ever. Taking the time to practice sobremesa could be a small step toward helping us navigate these uncertain times. Suddenly we find our questioning our technologically focused, achievement obsessed habits. Pre-pandemic, our impulse was to eat and run. Now, it’s to stay. A while. At the table. Sobremesa will inspire readers to slow down and indulge in two-bite facturas (pastries) or the last dregs of a fine Malbec and surrender into their mortal desire for self-expression and connection with others. Sobremesa’s manuscript draft is complete at approximately 117,000 words, or 360 pages.

Josephine Caminos Oría is the founder of La Dorita, an all-natural line of artisanal dulce de leche products and La Dorita Cooks, Pittsburgh’s first culinary kitchen incubator. She brings to the table years of culinary experience, as well as C-level expertise in finance and marketing. She is also the author of the cookbook, Dulce de Leche: Recipes, Stories, and Sweet Traditions. (Burgess Lea Press, 2017.
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