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Border Mama: Pastora del Mal
Jan. 26, 2021
Roger Rodriguez
Non-fiction: True crime
Her name is Arlene Jasmine Elsie Alvarado Cuéllar, but law enforcement knows her as Elsa Cuéllar or La Pastora. Under the guise of being a religious pastor, Elsa masterminded one of the most articulate plots of child trafficking in the history of the United States. So why has no one ever heard about it?

Elsa did not resort to the typical abduction practice of taking kids that were already a specific age. Instead, she would groom pregnant women in Mexico to trust her. She would convince them that she had connections that would arrange for her to have their baby in the United States allowing her the opportunity to steal the child at birth. She would have the woman returned to Mexico without the legal documentation to come back to the United States and raise that child as her own. In short, the kids had no way of knowing they were abducted. As far as they were concerned, no abduction had ever taken place. Elsa Cuellar was their biological mother.

The conditions by which these children were raised were deplorable. Elsa would often rent these children out to men. Some were later diagnosed with HIV among other sexually transmitted diseases. This type of lifestyle became a norm for these children who did not realize that in the United States, children do not live like this. La Pastora was so skilled at forging counterfeit documents, that on paper, each one of the eleven children she kept hostage in her home was legally her child. After all, how could the public know just by looking at her that she had her uterus removed when she was just a teenager?

Today, Elsa Cuellar has not spent one night in prison. Although she lives in Mexico now, she comes and goes freely to and from Mexico into the United States. Border Mama: Pastora del Mal, a true crime narrative non-fiction book being written by Roger Rodriguez examines why this is so and relates the details to one of the most notorious criminal minds that has yet to be discovered. Before Border Mama, nothing has been written in book-length form that will shed a satisfying light on the case and on why Elsa Cuellar remains free to this day. Interviews with 20/20 and Dateline are currently in the works while the Discovery Channel has already expressed a deep interest of optioning the book upon release of it.

Furthermore, a strong collaboration among school districts and law enforcement agencies has been established in efforts to promote Border Mama: Pastora del Mal. The initiative for selling this book extends far beyond book sales and profit. It is also imperative that awareness of this type of crime be disseminated across the entire country. While the arrest of Elsa Cuellar uncovered a massive child trafficking ring within United Independent School District in Laredo, Texas, her reach into the interior of our country has not been ascertained. However, there is no doubt through the intelligence that has been gathered that she certainly had enough influence and financial backing to have created a much larger network across the United States. The idea is for Border Mama: Pastora del Mal to encourage school districts throughout the nation to look closely at all records inaccuracies to documents that Elsa Cuellar is known for using.

Roger Rodriguez has been in contact with some of these victims regarding a Foreword for the book, but one of the things that stands out about this story and research versus other famous cases is that all these children returned home at some point. The case of Elsa Cuellar is unique in the sense that the search is quite the contrary to the typical missing cases. While these famous stories had people looking for the children, today the victims of Elsa Cuellar are looking for their true mother. Most of these children are already adults, yet they are still very young. Whether they ever get a chance at family remains an ongoing mystery.

Border Mama is a non-fiction work written in novel form to better aid the reader in understanding the process taken in the child trafficking business by one of the most loved women in a Christian community in the border town of Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas—the sister city to Laredo, Texas. It is unfortunate to learn that some of the most respected pillars of a community are masterminds behind some of the most notorious acts against our children. Masked by Christian values, an elderly face, and a pleasing smile, Elsa Cuellar (her most common alias) has been at the center of the investigation to numerous brutal crimes that range from kidnapping, falsifying government documents, and pimping young children to the brutal murder of an innocent fourteen-year-old boy. Elsa Cuellar is a free woman today and has never been exposed—until now!
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