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Submit: A Woman's Guide to Being the Queen, Not the King
Jan. 24, 2021
Marissa Monteilh
Non-fiction: Advice/Relationships
Submit to a man? What the hell?

When it comes to relationships, the word “Submit” is no doubt not only a hot topic, but it’s also a complicated one. When most women think about submitting to a man, they adamantly, right off the bat, admit out loud in front of the world that they are not submitting to anyone. Actually, it’s more like, “I’ll be damn if I’m submitting to anyone!” And that’s understandable.

Though submitting is a strange and unwelcome concept for many, multi-published author Marissa Monteilh’s (pronounced Montay) goal in writing Submit: A Woman’s Guide to Being the Queen, Not the King is to encourage women to have an open mind, and be WILLING to learn to have a different perspective of core beliefs when it comes to choosing and submitting to a mate. Submit addresses what it means to follow a man’s lead, or even follow a woman’s lead. Gay or not, it’s all about energy or nature.

Masculine and feminine energies are at the root of this book, Submit. We all have certain nuances about us that determine whether we prefer to lead or follow as it relates to attracting and interacting with a compatible mate. Submit will show you how to recognize your own traits that determine your love energy. It will also help you to identify those who are, and most importantly, those who are not, the yin to your yang, or the yang to your yin. Sometimes, attraction is not about gender, it is about energy.

A former talk show host, Fox News reporter, commercial actress, model, and award-winning author of two dozen books (women’s fiction, non-fiction, erotica), Marissa Monteilh is a ghostwriter, producer, relationship coach, and author mentor. Her pen names are PYNK and Sylvia Sinclair. Her main platform is relationships, wherein as The Breakup Princess, her consultation service for women who experience the tough withdrawal symptoms of debonding from tough breakups, she guides women through their detox. She also writes a masculine/feminine energy relationship advice column, The Bossy Woman’s Detox, and produces her talk show called The Minds of Women and Men, sparked by thousands of replies to her book of the same name, and relationship questions via her social media pages. She is producing her first stage play, Break Up to Make Up, based upon her very first title, May December Souls. She is also submitting her titles for TV and Film consideration under Diva Dramas.

Submit, will have a mass appeal to today’s women who seek the message of how to better communicate in a romantic relationship, and who desire a relatable way of changing their minds and recognizing the Kings of the world. This much needed book will also be a tool to self-diagnose masculine and feminine energy, and in the near future, readers will be able to attend Submit workshops and speak their truths in person, or virtually, in a safe space along with other women with the same concerns. Submit is also written to help single women desiring to be in a relationship by showing how to first recognize a mate with complementary energy (after they have first determined their own energy), and it will also guide married women who desire to have less conflict due to competing energies and communication.
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