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Iceman - Kimi Räikkönen's Journey (WSOY, 2020)
Sept. 16, 2021
Heikki Kulta
Non-fiction: Sports
Finnish sporting hero Kimi Räikkönen boasts a longer racing career than any other driver in F1 history. Now Heikki Kulta, Finland’s leading F1 journalist, reveals an authoritative and up-to-date new side to the star.

Having attended 371 Grand Prix races and witnessed more wins than any other Finnish journalist in living history, Heikki Kulta has an even longer racing career than Räikkönen himself. He’s truly seen it all, from Kimi joining F1 in the autumn of 2000 to his Grand Prix and World Championship wins in 2003 and 2007 respectively, through to the impact of the pandemic on F1 racing.

Räikkönen is famed for his dislike of giving interviews to the press, which is what makes Kulta’s relationship with the star all the more unique. From his early F1 days, Räikkönen learned to trust Kulta, often allowing him to ask a few questions in Finnish at the end of a press conference. Built on a foundation of trust, the two men have established an exceptional working relationship as well as a genuine friendship that’s taken them to races all over the world.

Drawing on many decades worth of memories, as well as hundreds of hours of interviews with Räikkönen—recorded on cassette tapes and in notebooks—Kulta tells Räikkönen’s story from a perspective that no one else could.
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