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Frayed Relations: Stories
Jan. 21, 2021
David Bachmann
Fiction: General/Other
"Frayed Relations" puts the reader in the middle of a number of volatile, tragi-comic constellations of characters with distinct sensibilities, lunacies, and designs to destroy or nurture each other. Logic, reason, and decency are often at a premium in the people at the center of these stories.

In the opening story, "Bully Days," Danny Paige, who once tortured an outcast classmate, Markie Fosterton, sees on the local news that Markie attempted a massacre at a local shopping mall. This triggers an aching remorse in Danny and compels him to write a letter the would-be mass murderer’s mother apologizing for how poorly he used to treat her son. The former bully’s apology lays out the litany of the often creative terrors he enacted on Markie in elementary school, as well as a brief chronology of the difficulties that Markie experienced in the years following.
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I'm also shopping my debut novel, "Heavy Machinery" and second story collection, "People Making Music."
David Bachmann
phone: 312-489-3936
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