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People Making Music: Stories
Jan. 21, 2021
David Bachmann
Fiction: General/Other
These are stories about music in which people struggle to create their own form of it and, in the process of negotiating with their art, face varying degrees of torture, triumph, and humiliation.

A corporate manager is forced to recommend to Human Resources that an employee be terminated for being too distracted by his various rock bands to effectively do his job. A young composer writes notes to himself on how to compose three different advertisements for a financial consulting firm that is seeking to launch a new ad campaign. A man becomes mesmerized by the melody created by his new windshield wipers and is thrust back to a memory of trying to learn how to play a famous song. A mother-to-be, determined to provide her future child with a musical outlet, finds an elderly woman who is giving away a vintage upright piano to the most qualified taker. The sculptor who cast Frederic Chopin’s death mask reflects on the famous composer’s last day of life. A Christian music magazine interviews a grade-school music teacher who’s just release an album of songs sung by his Catholic middle school class. An obnoxious guitar player annoys commuters waiting for a train by playing blues licks that are so loud that they almost drown out the sound of an approaching train. A young boy drifts away from the motel room in which his family is staying and meets a struggling musician at an adjacent room who’s just left L.A. seeking new artistic horizons in Nashville. A jazz musician’s apartment has just been burgled, but the burglars forgot to take his saxophone and flute, a gaffe that makes him recall how he got his start. The leader of a local rock band is forced to give one of its members an ultimatum to re-dedicate himself to the progress of the band or else.
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None. Seeking agent representation
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I'm also seeking representation for my debut novel "Heavy Machinery," and another collection of stories, "Frayed Relations."
David Bachmann
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