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Heavy Machinery: A novel
Jan. 21, 2021
David Bachmann
Fiction: General/Other
Terry Haff has just heard that Cuz burned down his trailer, stumbled into the northern Arizona desert, and is nowhere to be found. Terry is heartbroken by the news, as he’s the only Haff capable of any empathy for Cuz. Terry's brother Mitch is downright amused by Cuz's possible demise since he, like their mother Gladys, still blames Cuz for the amputation of Terry’s right arm ten years ago when it was mangled by a soil screener, after which Gladys and Mitch ignored Terry's defense of Cuz and conspired to banish the middle-aged drunkard from his home state of Ohio forever. They've never respected the fact that only Terry knows about the culmination of the six treacherous days that he and Cuz worked together as grunt laborers among the soil and mulch piles of Loyal Oaks Landscape Supply. "Heavy Machinery" is a visceral work that invites the reader to absorb the grime of manual labor in the northeastern Ohio rust belt and embrace the flaws of misguided men.
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None. Seeking agent representation.
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"Heavy Machinery" is my 122,000-word debut novel. I have two polished short story collections, "People Making Music" and "Frayed Relations," both of which I'm also shopping.
David Bachmann
phone: 312-489-3936
856 North Russet Street, Portland, OR 97217
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