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[Screenplay] THE MAROON SAGA: Story of a Lost People
Jan. 4, 2021
Fiction: Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Will you be the prey or the predator?

Humanity fears them. Now wealthy BARON AIRMAX wants fifteen-year-old BLAZE dead after a mishap during a hunting party takes the life of the Baron’s cousin, for which he blames Blaze. He also hates Blaze because he belongs to the bloodline of a forest people known as the MAROON. They live in the wilderness, close to nature, in harmony with it. They are mythical people who harness magic the way the sky harnesses the winds and rain. They are also an eternal race who lives for many times the lifespan of man, which is why mankind despises them so.

The Maroon is made up of THE FIFTEEN TRIBES, a loose confederacy of societies ruled by the COUNCIL. Blaze has never known his mother or father. When he asks about them, his questions go unanswered. He knows only that they are dead. Blaze has been raised by BLADE SPARUS, a cunning master soldier who tutors Blaze in the art of war… and ARCHIVE, an accomplished clairvoyant who helps Blaze hone his psychic abilities and supernatural prowess. For the past two years, Blaze has been coached by the alluring and gorgeous huntress SHURIKEN OBSCURE, a warrior woman who teaches Blaze the art of the hunt. She is a taskmaster Blaze can’t help but find himself attracted to.

Hunting at dawn in the fog-covered forest, Blaze comes across a war party of ORCS, a violent subhuman and malevolent race. The Orcs are enemies of Blaze’s people. Their wizardry rivals that of the Maroon. This band of Orcs have captured the most splendid animal Blaze has ever seen; an enormous SABER WOLF. As the Orc lay sleeping alongside their axes, cudgels and double-edge blades, Blaze hears a voice in his head, coming from the wolf. It is a telepathic voice that warns, “These Orcs are not yours to slay.” Blaze cannot believe he can hear the thoughts of a creature of the forest. The wolf’s name is OBSIDIAN. Her mate was savagely murdered by the Orcs. Now Obsidian wants revenge. Although the Orcs think they have captured her, Obsidian is not the prey. She is the predator. Blaze sets Obsidian free. Together they take on the Orcs . . . and kill them. Obsidian mourns over the body of her mate. She then reveals to Blaze that she was shown a vision by the GODDESS OF THE HUNT, who told her she must find Blaze. Obsidian tells Blaze he must use her dead mate’s canines to forge an indestructible weapon. Blaze, now realizing that he is showing signs of powers far beyond the Maroon, confronts Blade Sparus, Archive, and Shuriken Obscure regarding the truth about his birthright.

“Your mother was a blade named STILETTO, who hailed from another tribe. Her people expelled her from their settlement because she was an unnaturally gifted warrior with a fiery temper. I met her when she was pregnant. Later, I came across her in the forest. Because no tribe would have her, Stiletto went deep into the woods to have her child. While she was in labor, she was attacked by an Orc war party. As a testament to Stiletto, even while giving birth, she slew all fifteen of the Orcs before she died of her battle wounds,” says Archive.

Shuriken Obscure believes Blaze’s father is the source of his abilities. And that he wasn’t a Maroon. Worried about his burgeoning abilities, Blaze is called before the CHIEF of this settlement and COUNCIL PRIESTS who have great reason to hate Blaze. And if Blaze fails their trials, he will be put to certain death . . . if he can die at all.
Mia Tyler
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