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Truth, Lies, and ET's: How We Stumbled into the Galaxy
Jan. 4, 2021
Prof. Don Donderi
Non-fiction: Science
"Earth is in the middle of a revolution. It might lead us to more knowledge about ourselves, our place in the universe and the universe itself, or it might lead us to catastrophe. I tell the story of this revolution as we have experienced it over the last seventy-five years. I explain where we are in the revolution and how we have managed or mismanaged it. I write about what might happen in the future and how we should prepare for what might happen."

This is the opening paragraph of a new book: Truth, Lies, and ETs: How We Stumbled into the Galaxy. The author, Don Donderi, is a Montreal-based engineering psychologist currently working with the Canadian Space Agency on NASA’s Lunar Orbiter program. He is a retired McGill University professor, the author of many research papers and two psychology textbooks, as well as UFOs, ETs and Alien Abductions: A Scientist Looks at the Evidence which was published by Red Wheel Weiser 2013. His BA and BSc degrees are from the University of Chicago and his PhD is from Cornell.
This new book has a new context. On December 16, 2017 the New York Times reported “Glowing Auras and ‘Black Money’: the Pentagon’s Mysterious UFO Program.” On March 9, 2018 the Washington Post featured Christopher Mellon, a former US deputy assistant secretary of defense for intelligence, who wrote “The military keeps encountering UFOs. Why doesn’t the Pentagon care? We have no idea behind these weird incidents because we’re not investigating.” And on October 6, 2020 producer James Fox released The Phenomenon, a one hour and 40-minute video documentary that covers the UFO and ET phenomenon from its beginning in 1947 to a close encounter with a landed UFO and ETs in Ruwa, Zimbabwe, in 1994 by many schoolchildren, one of whom was Emily Trim, a Canadian.
A reviewer wrote about The Phenomenon: “After decades of denial and dismissal, the government of the United States just…stops denying and dismissing, and you’re left wondering “what does it all mean”? Truth, Lies and ETs tells you what it all means: how ETs might get here, what do they once they’re here and how we react to what they do. It describes how UFOs and ETs have been reported and mis-reported, who has challenged the official stories and what is being done -- and what more should be done – about the ET problem.
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