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The Secrets of Successful Financial Planning
Dec. 19, 2020
Dan Gallagher
Non-fiction: Business/Investing/Finance
Inside tips from an expert
* 30 dramatic true stories of client triumphs & tragedies, not boring case studies
* Actual "secrets" and "poorly knowns" you must know about* No bias; not published to attract clients. Perspective is neither insurance nor investment skewed
* Access via AuthorDan.com to customizable spreadsheets & more!
* Written for DIY-ers & those needing to select or understand advisors
* Useful for new savers up to mid-retirees! Perfect as friends/family gifts

Praise for The Secrets of Successful Financial Planning:
…in everyday language for practical use. SSFP can help almost anyone bring efficiency to their financial planning, a huge benefit to readers. SSFP is strongly recommended.
-- Arthur B. Laffer, Ph.D., father of supply-side economics, advisor to two presidents
Clear, actionable explanations, dramatic human interest accounts… powerful help to those of any age, even if they think their finances and strategies are optimized!
-- Harry S. Dent, Jr., author of Zero Hour & investment books
…pleasurable; broad perspective on financial planning often kept close to the vest by others. SSFP is a “must read… a useful tool.
-- Robert V. Cornish, Jr., attorney, FINRA arbitrator, EB-5 Securities Roundtable member
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Upon release by Skyhorse; soon available.
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Skyhorse Publishing, NY.
Other Information:
Related fiction project, $ecret$, is a TV-series proposal, completed as a "bible" with illustrations, etc. Skyhorse has released any claim to this related property. $ecret$ fictionalizes real-life dramas from Gallagher's career and client intrigues.
Dan Gallagher
phone: 7043621001
7124 Colleton Place, Charlotte, NC, USA, Charlotte, NC 28270
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