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I, Shigidi series
Dec. 16, 2020
Wole Talabi
Fiction: Sci-Fi/Fantasy
The Shigidi-series is adult Fantasy with elements of Mythic Fantasy (featuring aspects of Yoruba and other religions), Urban Fantasy and Dark Fantasy.Book #1 - Shigidi starts out as a minor nightmare god of the Yoruba religion. He gets his assignments from superior gods and goddesses, particularly thunder god, Sango. He hates his job of bringing nightmares and death to the enemies of those who pray hard enough. The religion is run like a company—just as other religions are—not by people, but by the gods that they worship. When Shigidi meets succubus, Nneoma, during one of his assignments and she offers him a different life, he surprises himself by agreeing. Nneoma becomes his lover and reshapes him to a beautiful, powerful humanlike form, which still needs spirit power to survive. Instead of waiting for prayers, they go out to get those spirits themselves. This brings them in conflict with his old bosses, which leads to a violent and spectacular finale.
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Bieke van Aggelen
African Literary Agency
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