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Enrichment of the Self and Soul
Dec. 2, 2020
Richard Choura
Non-fiction: Religion/Spirituality
The concept of the 'Self' has perplexed countless philosophers and thinkers since the dawn of civilization. In a new work, "Enrichment of the Self and Soul,” author Richard Choura reveals how the power of self can be harnessed by combining the spiritual and aesthetic vision with culture, science, and sacredness.

The book assumes significance in current times when the millennials and professionals from various fields are looking for a change and searching for deeper meaning in spirituality. Enrichment of The Self and Soul brings the notion of the self down to earth and shows how to use its power. Also called the "seat of the soul" or “principle of life", everyone can use this power to enlighten themselves and become part of higher achievements that connect the physical and metaphysical worlds related to spirituality, psychology, art, religion, music, literature, and philosophy.

This book is about the sacred, cultural, and scientific forces that can help you strengthen your essential spiritual drive. It tells you why the Self is important.

This book shows how to enhance oneself and the soul by combining spiritual thinking with other fields so as to reach the inner wellsprings of sacredness, symbols, epiphanies, and cosmic vision. It shows that it is possible to shift to an enthusiastic vision that extends the spirit and fills up the gaps of human life with light. The practitioner is thus able to see the "secrets of the far".

One of the greatest triumphs in life is to express one's self by exercising one's creative energies. Your time is limited so don't waste time waiting to enrich yourself and the soul. You don't need magic to change yourself.

With this guide you can imagine better.

In the pandemic currently plaguing the world, many, including the millennials, see a message of change from God. Polls too reveal that many see it as a message to change how mankind lives. Research shows people are searching for deeper meaning in spirituality without association with organized religion.
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