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Dick, Stan Greene
Nov. 30, 2020
Shawn Amick
Fiction: Mystery/Crime
In the city of Potstow, there sleeps a direful secret dying to be let loose. 
There’s a new self-sustaining city growing quickly within the Rocky Mountains. The local rags dubbed it the Town Pot Built, but with all the economic growth, there lies a crushing weight on the companies that don’t comply. One annexed business owner unraveling at the seams is trying to hold on to the things that truly matter, but at what cost? 
Meet Stan Greene. He’s a dick—or used to be. He was once a rising star among the ranks of detective in the nation’s capital, now just a lowly private investigator lost in the abyss of his growing middle age, traipsing in the reveries of lost love, his constant variable inflicting within his chagrin life. 
In a twisting plot lead by the enigmatic narrator, Stan finds himself shrouded in the mystery of a highly publicized murder. With the arrival of his new neighbors and a hopeful sidekick, Stan may very well take his newfound home by storm and become “Potstow’s best investigator.”
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Dick, Stan Greene is New Age Noir told with an enigmatic narrator with a fresh take on self-sustainability, the serendipitous nature of the universe and a genre-bending beginning to a series set to reward its returning readers as they follow Stan Greene, Private Eye, his myriad of failures, and few successes. Accompanied by his would-be companion, a Virtual Reality Gaming Icon, Stan confronts his past, present and future to reclaim old glory...But what will be the cost, and who will pay it?

Shawn Amick
Shawn Amick
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