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Nov. 29, 2020
Arthur G. Sharp
Non-fiction: History/Politics/Current Affairs
This 64,000-word book details the strange events surrounding the badly botched execution of Josiah and Elizabeth Potts on June 20, 1890. It was the only simultaneous execution of a married couple in U.S. history. Allegedly, the Pottses murdered a family friend, Miles Faucett. The hangings raised questions about the fairness of the legal system in Nevada, especially whether there was a bias against women when it came to enforcing death sentences.
The book compares the Pottses’ case to the outcomes of two other local high-profile murder cases that occurred around the same time involving males and two significant murders perpetrated by women, one of which, the murder of Jack the Ripper, created an international incident and detracted from the Pottses’ appeals process.
One male shot his father-in-law in cold blood in front of a witness. He was paroled. The second received eight years in prison for manslaughter after killing two people. Yet, the Pottses were convicted and hanged based on strictly circumstantial evidence. But, their execution was not the end of the case.
Not long after it was carried out newspaper stories revealed a sordid connection between the Pottses and Faucett. (Teaser alert: Elizabeth had been married to both Josiah and Miles at the same time.)
Speculation, circumstantial evidence, romance, sexism, bigamy, and other bizarre factors notwithstanding, Josiah and Elizabeth Potts earned their unique place in American history as the only married couple ever executed simultaneously. Their story, which would occupy front pages today, is intriguing, as this book reveals.
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Arthur G. Sharp, who resides in Sun City Center, FL, is the author of 19 books and 2,500 articles. He holds B.A. (University of Hartford) and M.A. (Trinity College, Hartford, CT) degrees in history. The complete manuscript or a detailed proposal are available.
Arthur Sharp
phone: 8136141326
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