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Nov. 20, 2020
Charles Labuz
Fiction: General/Other
After a night camping in the woods of the Pacific Northwest, Charlie wakes up with a wicked hangover on the edge of a desert that shouldn’t be there. That’s the tricky thing with going into forests – eventually the forest ends and somewhere else begins. Worthwhile is a 63,000-word, contemplative work of fiction that doesn't stop moving. This novel has drawn comparisons between Gaiman’s Ocean at the End of Lane and Kerouac’s On the Road as well as Vonnegut's collective works. The novel explores mental health with a nod to the memoir genre, but actually occupies a space in the realm of literary fiction. The protagonist takes a Narnia-esque tumble into a fantasy world, the Worthwhile. This is not an idealized fantasy realm to escape into, but an evershifting red-desert to be escaped. The protagonist's adventure through this often dark, sometimes comic otherworldly realm is anchored in the character’s journey through depression. Fantastical twists, as well as the presence of characters like the Hipster Guru on the Mountain and C.A.T.s (Carnivorous Ass Turtles), defy formulaic memoirs and their oversimplifications and play with fantasy tropes.
This novel is geared toward early adult and adult readers of fiction. It is particularly relevant at our current historical moment because of increasingly high rates of depression in youth and adults. It is arriving at the tail end of a trend in memoir publication and amidst an ongoing fascination with fantasy and interacts with these trends by embracing and defying tropes of both genres. The shorter length of this book is meant to engage with busy readers and attract the eyes of fans of Vonnegut, who was a master of the 50-60,000 word range. It is a novel that is poised to sell, but more importantly to me, it is a novel that I believe others should read.
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I recently funded my debut board game, Parched, raising over $26K in just one month on Kickstarter. If you decide to work with me, you are pairing with an entrepreneur on the rise. Give me a chance.
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