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My Mommy's Fight with Cancer
Oct. 25, 2020
Tara Council and Ilana Echevarria-Stewart
Children's: Picture book
Our picture book, ¨My Mommy´s Fight with Cancer”, is a beautiful story told from a child's point of view as her mother navigates the complexities of diagnosis, treatment, and the uncertainty of survival. It has 14 stanzas with an ABCB rhyming pattern and offers mothers a way to talk about any cancer and its myriad consequences. We have already had the book illustrated with an incredibly talented artist, who did a beautiful job conveying the range of emotions through powerful yet warm imagery.
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The diagnosis of cancer, especially for a young mother, can be the scariest moment of one's life. The uncertainty of life moving forward, not only impacts them but their children as well. The task of, "How do I explain this to my child?", can be stressful and scary, as they are unsure of what it means for themselves. We have developed this book for families to have this discussion in a very loving and honest way. It is a book that can be read again and again as it represents a time in a family's life that will never truly go away. Cancer and its effects do not just disappear after treatment is "finished." For young mothers with children, its effects will be a part of their daily lives and conversations. Families can read it and find comfort that they are not alone.
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