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Rachel Rose and the Zephyr Hotshots
Oct. 5, 2020
Mervyn Kaufman
Children's: Young Adult Fiction
Veteran author Mervyn Kaufman in a charming novel for young adults, RACHEL ROSE AND THE ZEPHPYR HOTSHOTS, a cross between BUD, NOT BUDDY and PIECING ME TOGETHER; it follows the career of Rachel Rose Jackson, a Black teenager living with her father and two older brothers in an upper Manhattan apartment. She defies expectations by getting a job at Zephyr Publishing—in the mailroom, an all-male preserve. A great collection of characters surround Rachel Rose—her tradition-focused family, the magazine pros who learn to depend on her, and the mailroom "hotshots" who resent her work, even her presence. But she keeps her head while striving to move forward. This is a heartwarming story, sure to inspire readers contemplating their own future lives.
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