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Serpent's Quest - 4 books
Sept. 29, 2020
Nerine Dorman
Fiction: Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Book 1 The Serpent’s Quest: The Ilwan islands are blessed by the gods themselves. For time beyond knowing the divine have lived among their children in peace and safety, and nothing disturbed their idyll until the dragon ships came. The serpent general, Kelbrin Jurinson, and his army have never known defeat on open battle, yet they have come, running before the first winds of a storm that threatens to engulf their world. What they bear may be more of a threat than the war and disease that follow in their wake.

Book 2 The Lion's Claw
Kelbrin and Hetephes have escaped with their lives but the torc is lost and Dugan’s power is growing. They must find the means to discover where the artefact has fallen before it can be claimed by another. In order to do this Kelbrin is forced to step back into the struggle being waged for the soul of his people and for the continent at large.
Dugan’s game of cat and mouse with his old mentor is over, and now the tyrant will not rest until the serpent suffers his final defeat. Their quest will lead them from the icy north to the besieged city of Neb and out across the burning sands of the wastelands. It is a journey that will plunge them back through centuries to uncover the shrouded roots of the conflict they are caught up in and reveal the true danger that lies in wait.
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World Rights, tv/film/streaming/audio available
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manuscript book 1 and 2 finished, book 3 and 4 finished in 2021.
Bieke van Aggelen
African Literary Agency
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