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Thirteen Years of Hell
Sept. 15, 2020
J. A. Davis
Non-fiction: Memoir
From street urchin to success. On the streets of Chicago at age 13 to avoid an abusive mother and much older half-brother, how I have survived decades of depression, anxiety and guilt to achieve success. Just today (9/15) I viewed a commercial by the Boy Scouts of America reaching out to victims of sexual abuse. My sister and I would like to get some justice, or even a modicum of recognition for abuse that never ended, was rewarded by our mother, and continues to filter down through the generations of our family. A good working title might be "Hidden Abuse." The story tops any I have heard, but is too painful for me to get through on my own. I am 30 40 thousand words in, but completely bogged down by the depression that overwhelms me every time I attempt to work on it. I am reaching out to anyone to help me ghost write the memoir of my first 14 years, ending with a very pivotal rooftop scene that has more or less determined my life, which, on paper, has been "successful."

If you are a writer or publisher, please take a chance. Reach out, contact me today.
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Generous split for the ghost writer who helps get this published. I am willing to self-publish if necessary. If you are a writer or publisher, please take a chance. Reach out, contact me today.
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I have carried this story as long as I can. Without minimizing the pain of other victims of abuse (for example, the rape victim) I can honestly say it doesn't compare to sitting at the dinner table night after night with a team of abusers - my mother and much older half-brother; or to see him put on a pedestal year after year by our mother while my sister and I are completely de-humanized by them; or suffering the never-ending combined abuse of two destructive, malignant, covert narcissists who held every power over us. I was introduced as "the accident" to my much older half-brother and sister, who was already being victimized by the two older family members who held all the power over two little kids. We were instructed by our hapless mother to "Do anything he tells you. He's your boss."

As a result of these factors, abuse is all I ever knew. From the day I was carried into the home and introduced as "the accident" I was literally abused by the two of them, in one form or another, 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 day per year - for nearly 13 or 14 years - until I escaped. Most people consider labelling me an accident to be a form of abuse, but that just laid the foundation for what was to follow. It wasn't just that I was unloved. That would have been preferable to the outright hostility that being labelled an accident brought me. When I was crying, both my siblings remember the arguments: "Who's going to feed the accident?" ... "It's your turn." ... "No, it's yours" ... "Ah, he'll shut up eventually...."

This is a story not just of survival, but how I survived, and what such an upbringing has taught me and how it forged my character.

If you are a writer or publisher, please take a chance. Reach out, contact me today. I am a successful person who has carried this story inside me for over 50 years. I am asking for your help. That doesn't mean I am helpless, which seems to be a common misunderstanding in our society these days.
Judson Davis
Neoterix Communications
phone: 502.296.9772
4545 S. 2nd St., Louisville, ky 40214
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