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Hurdles In the Dark
Aug. 27, 2020
Elvira Gonzales
Non-fiction: Memoir
An inspirational true story, HURDLES IN THE DARK begins with a fourteen-year-old Elvira desperately trying to raise 20.000 dollars; the ransom that her mother's kidnappers have demanded in exchange for her safe return. The path this traumatizing experience sets Elvira on leads to her being locked up in a juvenile detention center. Forming a unique bond with the girls there, Elvira promises that she will build a better life for herself and share her and the girls' story with the world.

Once she's out of juvie, Elvira begins breaking into the school stadium at 5.30 am to practice hurdling; her one shot at earning her ticket out of the life she's stuck in. When her efforts catch the eye of one of the coaches at school, Elvira is taken under his wing. Under his guidance, Elvira trains at the odd hours of morning, hurdling in the dark, until finally, on her last school race, she manages to become one of the top 15 hurdlers in the United States. Thus she wins her freedom in the form of an athletic scholarship.
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The movie option for HURDLES IN THE DARK has been sold to Gotham Group. Currently, the story is being adapted into a screenplay by one of the writers of the Emmy-award winning show "Ozark". Lee Stollman, who was the producer of movies such as The Maze Runner film series has also signed on for the project. Potential blurbs for the book include Paola Mendoza, Michael Skolnik, the Grammy Award winning group Intocable and Ben Sheehan.
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