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The Truth You Didn't Know
Aug. 7, 2020
Lakisha Marie Mackie
Non-fiction: General/Other
A narrative of a single mom who made mistakes, learned from it, and is trying to do things right moving forward in life with her son.

The Truth You Didn't Know chronicles the story of Lakisha Marie Mackie from her childhood to adulthood. Growing up in Brooklyn, New York, Lakisha and her family moved to Augusta, Georgia for a few reasons. Due to her lack of school records from her previous school, she has to go a few grade levels back. This has caused her to be bullied every day in school. Yet she endured all of this silently, not letting her family know. Afterall, they already have too many problems of their own. This is where the story began.

The Truth You Didn't Know will take you on a ride of relatable real-life events and issues -- education, family, career, relationships, pregnancy, all of it -- and how a woman came out of it all triumphantly.
Mia Tyler
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