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Aug. 6, 2020
Dr. Kelly Rabenstein-Donohoe
Non-fiction: How-To
Ever wonder what The No.1. key ingredient to a quality life is? We’re talking…in your personal and business life, academia or higher education . . . the world! It’s simple. But it’s not easy (to obtain, that is): Emotional Success. And, according to author Dr. Kelly Rabenstein-Donohoe in Psychological Secrets for Emotional Success, Emotional Success depends on Better (and real!) Connections. Here is the formula: Awareness + Education + Empathy = Emotional Success. Dr.Donohoe’s motto: Connect Better. Be Better.

PSYCHOLOGICAL SECRETS FOR EMOTIONAL SUCCESS (73,635—first draft) is a SELF-HELP BOOK that is a recipe to make better connections. Dr. Donohoe has been a therapist for over 20 years. What she knows is that pain comes largely from disconnection. Human beings are wired to be together. Social distancing lays bare the need we have for closeness, for connecting. In Psychological Secrets for Emotional Success Dr. Donohoe wants to help people feel and be the best they can. This means connecting with others.

Dr. Donohoe has spent two decades sitting with patients, hearing their stories, exploring their emotions. She moves with them as they pass through the intensity of their lives. Desire for connection, she says, is at the center of everything. When we connect, it gives us purpose and meaning. Psychological Secrets, is meant as a balm, she tells us. Written in a chatty conversational and intimate style—with plenty of exercises throughout the book— Psychological Secrets, will help the reader move from feeling alone to feeling and being connected. The book fills a gap in the self-help oeuvre and melds psychological science written by an expert with mainstream ideas such as EQ and bias awareness. What Donohoe has learned in her academic training, as a scholar, therapist, teacher, woman, feminist, lover, parent, eater, human being—is all wrapped up in these pages. She offers data, anecdotes, information, exercises, and stories as a way of helping the reader connect with themselves and the world around them.

Psychological Secrets for Emotional Success is a book written with insight, humor, and no small amount of common sense.
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Kelly Rabenstein-Donohoe has spent many years building her expertise in the field. She earned a Master of Science in Applied Developmental Psychology from the University of Pittsburgh, a Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology at Boston College, and a Doctor of Counseling Psychology at Chatham University. Besides her clinical practice, Dr. Donohoe conducts research, teaches at the City College of New York (CUNY), and offers consulting to individuals and businesses. She also has outlines for three additional books. Dr. Kelly Donohoe shares her passion for psychology with her patients, students, a growing online community, and as an expert in the media. To build this following, she appears as an expert (TEDx and The Doctors TV for example), maintains a vlog on her website (kelly@drkellydonohoe.com), and works with a team to ensure her social media presence is robust and growing (IG + FB + Twitter).
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