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Artificial Intimacy: Machine, mates and humanity's future
July 23, 2020
Rob Brooks
Non-fiction: General/Other
An expert on human nature examines how technology disrupts – and will continue to disrupt – human sexuality, intimacy and family life in ways
both bad and good.

A perfect storm of real technology and science fiction fantasy may have cemented sex robots in the public imagination. But just as artificial intimacy is not
really about the robot, Artificial Intimacy is not really about the tech. This is foremost a book about human nature, and how humans express that nature in a cultural, economic and technological context. Artificially intelligent machines and internet connectivity are blowing humanity into waters never before sailed, much less charted. The technologies of the near future will change what humans do, with new algorithms transmitted at broadband speed, and now is the time to anticipate the consequences.
This book presents exciting new research on human intimacy and desire, and shows how both have evolved and are being changed by present day economics and technologies. Ambitious and bold, this book speculates on various dystopic turns the artificially intimate world might take, as well as what we need to do to harness artificial intimacy in order to build better societies.
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