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July 21, 2020
J. A. Davis
Non-fiction: General/Other
This entry is from a desperate writer. I am 40K words into a project...

I need your help. I have lost all perspective trying to tell a very complicated story. I have a story to tell, but my emotions keep getting in the way. Every time I immerse myself in the story in order to write it, the rest of my life spirals downward, out of control. It has become my "White Whale." It is an important, instructive story that will benefit many people, but the effort required to tell it may destroy my life. That's why I am searching any and all paths to find help, no matter how remote and off-beaten they may be. Because of the difficulty I'm having telling the story, I live in a private, secluded place in the middle of a desert of pain and confusion. I'm ready to follow any path if it leads out of this darkness and into the light.

It is the story of two small, unwanted children faced with a choice: to stay, or to leave. My sister stayed. I left. Neither choice was right. We both lost, and now, many decades later, one of our abusers is dead and the other one, our much older half-brother, continues to taunt and abuse. Think of every horror story of family abuse and mental illness you have ever heard, then multiply it by 10 - or 1000 - and you will have an idea of the depth of dysfunction my sister and I faced at the time of our respective births. Today (7/21/20) I woke up after a few hours of sleep with this gorilla still clinging to my back. Severe insomnia is one of the lasting effects of extreme, long-term abuse. It haunts us to this day.

The multiplier in this story is the fact that our abuse never ended. You have never met a more loathsome antagonist: "I will never apologize to you for anything!" This, after it was revealed by my sister and I, to our mother, of the years of sexual abuse we suffered at his hands. No denials, no apologies forthcoming - just the same grotesque visage that haunts our nightmares still.

The story can be told either as a memoir, ending when I emancipated myself from the torture; or, as an autobiography, telling the lifetime of after-effects of such an abusive childhood, made worse because our family abuse never ended. The mental, psychological, and spiritual abuse continue, and has since been inculcated into the next generation.

Whether told as a memoir or an autobiography, it is ultimately a story of triumph, especially because it has been such a difficult journey. Starting as a high-school dropout and living on the streets of Chicago when I was 13 years old made success highly unlikely. However, today I own my house, have achieved multiple degrees, and professional certifications across a wide variety of fields. I have a pilot's license and own my own airplane (Piper Arrow N8321C - Google it.) So I feel like I have been "successful" in the traditional sense, but I am still tortured by the weight of this tale. I have hidden the pain of my past so well and succeeded my way out of it, but now it is trapped inside of me and I can't go on living with this injustice. The need to tell my story is holding back every part of my life - and I have a great deal more to accomplish!
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I will continue to slog away at this project, but I am seeking any help I can get. We can work out compensation depending on your level of input. I am not talking about editing, or even a deep editing. I need help with choosing and organizing anecdotes, finding the right pacing, and when and how to reveal the horrors of the story. The 40K words I have are a very good start, and I am happy with many aspects of it. In a word, I need objectivity. If you are interested in helping me to bring this story into the world, I would love to hear from you. Your compensation will reflect both your work, and my gratitude, which will be immense. If we get this story told, I promise you will be compensated fairly.
Judson Davis
Neoterix Communications
phone: 502.296.9772
4545 S. 2nd St., Louisville, KY 40214
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