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Malak hija del desierto
July 18, 2020
Paul OGarra
Fiction: General/Other
Moon is a young schoolteacher who teaches both in the Spanish R.C. school and the Madrassah Arab school. He meets Pete, an unknown giant of a man, when Moon and Ruben, Moon's eccentric English friend, are threatened by a band of thugs led by the violent drunken father of one of Moon´s pupils. The incident in which the father and his friends fare rather badly leaves Moon and Pete with the dilemma of having to rescue the girlchild Malak, her mother, and twelve-year-old sister. They “borrow” a high-speed powerboat complete with an unwilling pilot and set out for the Sahara, with the idea of taking the family to find the protection of their maternal grandparents. Their initial journey towards southern Morocco from where they hope to cross into Algerian Sahara is short-lived when they realise that there is no passable frontier. They turn back to attempt to get past Gibraltar and the Straits and eventually land in a place called Marsa Ben Mhidi on the Algerian coast. They are arrested by a disagreeable police sergeant and his colleagues, but a military doctor who attends to a sick Pete transmits a message to an old friend of Pete´s who turns out to be a powerful General and turns up in the nick of time. This is a fascinating story, mainly based on fact and takes place in the sandy wastes of the mysterious Sahara Desert.
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As a Gibraltarian, I am bi-lingual, but whereas my written and spoken english is fine, my Spanish is a sort of, something different with a "Cadiz" inclination. I therefore had various friends clean up my manuscript to arrive at a very readable and precise rendering of the work.
Paul OGarra
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