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The Boy Who sailed To Spain
July 18, 2020
Paul OGarra
Fiction: General/Other
The Boy who sailed to Spain
A powerful wave is but a collection of drops.
Set in North Africa and Spain in 2015. Masuhun´s family have been Christians since before Islam was born since the time of the Romans. His beloved father´s murder and deathbed request lead the distraught fifteen year old boy on a quest to cross the seas in search of mystical succour for his family and tribe, the same protection they had enjoyed through the millennia.
On his reckless journey in a tiny catamaran and then across southern Spain he finds himself relentlessly pursued by unknown assailants and by the paramilitary police. He comes slowly to realise that he has never been alone, that forces beyond his understanding are protecting him.
Entwined in the story is the Spain of the year 711. The Berber general Tariq defeats the Visigoth king and the rule of the Caliphate of Al Andaluz begins. In 1309 the Spanish king Ferdinand embarks on the Reconquista, conquers Gibraltar, and our story starts.
This is the story of a boy with a pure soul who finds himself alone and helpless in the Western World and of the evil he discovers at every step. Of people who befriend him and come to his aid. It’s a book about faith, faith in himself his values and in his Creator.
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Paul OGarra
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