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Before I Found You
July 9, 2020
Tyler Percevich
Non-fiction: Memoir
“It’s the smell that wakes me up at night. It’s been almost twenty years since I first registered my own skin burning, but I can still smell the tainted air in the back of my brain, particularly at night. I snap awake covered in sweat, muscles tensed, and ready for a fight. My stomach turns against me every time it happens. Without fail, I am in the bathroom vomiting within minutes. As I have aged, I have developed a talent for leaving things behind, burying them in the parts of myself that light doesn’t reach, or forgetting they ever existed at all. But I still can’t escape that smell.”

Admittedly, the book begins in a dark, if familiar, place. I crack open—with as much candor and courage as I can manage—the trauma from my childhood that left me as a broken, self-pitying drug addict. After two unsuccessful suicide attempts, I once again find myself hopeless, ready to quit: I can’t make sense of what any kind of future would look like, and don’t feel I deserve to have one. Everything changes, though, when I find Athena (a big, beautiful German Shepherd), who helps me reassemble the pieces of my life. Before I Found You follows our shared adventures and struggles – she helps me get clean, I begin to build and repair lasting relationships, and we learn a lot about grief and love, ultimately finding our own quiet glory.
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I’m very pleased to be seeking representation for my first book, Before I Found You: a personal story of redemption, dogs, grief, and growing up. Though it could be considered something of a memoir, I twisted the genre a little, and wrote from both my perspective and my dog’s. Though unconventional, featuring Athena’s voice on the page felt as important and true as including my own.
Tyler Percevich
phone: 720-557-2442
9191 E Arizona Pl., Denver, CO 80247
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