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The Mystery of Atonement- A 12-volume Study Series
July 2, 2020
H. Mark Edward (Amazon search)
Non-fiction: Religion/Spirituality
The extraordinary, never-before-seen, messages revealed to the Author when he experienced a supernatural, out-of-body "Damascus Road" event, and received a torrent of "other-worldly" wisdom direct from God Himself. Most astonishing was that at the time, the Author was an avowed Jewish atheist and hated all religion. This highly controversial book series exposes the hypocrisy and false teachings of all religions, and will have broad appeal from the atheist to the agnostic and to the ardent: any and all who are looking for genuine clarity, wisdom, and in particular solace during the chaos and confusion of these extraordinary "end of days" we are living in. The Author guides the reader not into any religion, but into assured communion with the One, True, Living & Loving God Who Is There.
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All; Need publisher and/or agent who can manage highly controversial content and intense global public reaction.
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Series has just launched as a self-published work on Amazon. Search Amazon under the author's name: H. Mark Edward.
H. Mark Edward
Mystery of Atonement Teaching Series
phone: 714-642-1021
417 S. Associated Road #303, Brea, CA 92821
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