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MD Injustice
June 14, 2020
Chetan Thaker
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For the first time, I am looking to find an Agent and writer for my unbelievable story.

Summary: Astonishing story of an Indian American Resident Physician’s struggle for justice since 1998.

I proactively caught my Medical Academicians manipulating objective exam scores of Resident Physicians in training, to match subjective evaluations dictated by prejudice, racism, professional jealousy, hatred, internal politics and ‘God Complex’. I was the top scorer for the objective Residency Inservice Training Exam (RITE) in entire US for the year 1997 and 1998 but my scores were reduced to 77 percentile to justify subjective negative evaluations. Upon blowing whistle in this matter, I was targeted, discriminated, punished and fired one week after receiving national scholarship and two months short of graduation to become Neurologist. I was denied ‘grievances process’ mandated by Residency Contract.

Soon after, my passing result of Medical Licensing Exam (USMLE Step 3) was intercepted in the mail and replaced with a failing scoresheet masquerading as the original result, plethora of forgery readily evident. This was a major blow to my prospect of practicing medicine compelling me to menial jobs. I was blacklisted from hiring an attorney, and defamed to perpetuate cover up. Over the past two decades, I learned the law and started filing Complaint in Civil Courts from 2005 with nominal success. ALL of my employments were interfered, subjecting me to hostilities, obstacles and wrongful terminations to evade liability and accountability of few medical academicians. There was an attempt on my life in 2015 with high grade arsenic mixed in my sweet dish, objectively confirmed by labs. All my contacts to various organizations such as ACLU have gone to deaf ears.

Currently, I do have a stable job to go back to work soon. I have decided to break the vicious cycle of wrongdoings and cover up. To raise funds to hire an attorney, I need to find a literary agent for my agonizing and unprecedented story. Details of my sufferings are almost gruesome as I struggle to find justice despite suffering from Depression. Details of most of my experiences are also on my Website “Thaker Blog!” [ThakerBlogspot.com]. Please reply to this email for questions or interest.

Thanking you,

Chetan Thaker, MD
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