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The Silverleaf Fox Series
May 25, 2020
Carol Beecher
Children's: Young Adult Fiction
The Silverleaf Fox Series is a cozy YA fantasy adventure in which a dainty but very clever, opinionated, and valorous Silverleaf fox named Sliky and her companions--through parallel missions--fight to save the light from the dark in order to save the world. Each book can be read as a stand-alone story with the main human characters aging similar to the method used by J. K. Rowling in her Harry Potter series. The whopping cast of characters includes humans (including a group of fearless teens), wizards, elves, dwarfs, dragons, a wolf, Roggar, a goose, Mr. Feathers, and many, many others. A friendship forms in the second book which develops into a teen romance in the third book that blooms into a wedding in the fourth book. Adventure Mystery Magic Suspense / Strong sense of voice; Sense of humor; Multiple POVs (Ms. professionally edited)

Book 1 (61,291) Sliky Tells a Tale: The story is told by Slikver Silverleaf (Sliky), a small lady fox. She begins her tale with her birth in the cold tundra and progresses through many perilous adventures as she follows her destiny. She has been gifted with the ability to heal others. She frees the Lady in White and meets a diverse crowd of characters from Ratter, the pirate ship's cat, Henge the Gnome, Redbeard the warrior, Thugster the Outcast dwarf, druids, Mad Martha the seer, and many others. Sliky and her companions discover many curious parallel dimensions. Book 2 (91,116) The Shards of Jasper: The magic Sword of Jasper is restored. Jasper finds his true identity is in the Land of the Elves and learns that he is a prince, meets the Lady in White and the indomitable Silverleaf fox, Sliky, discovers his destiny in the Great Prophesy, and learns of a trio of evil adversaries that he, along with a magical sword and the dragon, Jintachi, must overcome. Will the trio of the Light, in the end, defeat the trio of the Dark? Sliky learns that you can both cherish the past and embrace the future. Book 3 (99,010) The Death Wart: Prince Jasper's father, the Elf Lord, Zolea, has fallen ill with the dreaded disease Death Wort. The prince, along with his companions, travels to Symlandia to find the Flower of Augur, whose petals are needed for the cure. They find the key to solve the conundrum of the plant in the Land of the Changelings and finally defeat the Dark Wizards that are behind the evil scheme of spreading the disease. The spunky fox, Sliky, is a dominant figure throughout the tale. A devilish dwarf king also figures prominently in this book and in book four. Book 4 (102,582) The Coiled Snake Tattoo: The characters are attacked in the Deep Forest and scattered to the winds. Sliky and her companions are lost and alone. They must each survive and relocate their companions. Their journeys take them on many a wild escapade and gain them friends, allies, and enemies in the eventual conflict between the White Mages and the Dark Order of the Coiled Snake Tattoo. At stake are the stewardship of the Diamond Tipped Temple and the peace of the world.
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Ms. Beecher has followed both her heart and the memories of her various pets that have kept her company over the years to create the tales that have come alive in the books of The Silverleaf Fox Series. She is a world traveler; other hobbies include gardening and reading. This is her first work of fiction.
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