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Information Currency: The Language of Value
May 10, 2020
Virginia B. Robertson
Non-fiction: Business/Investing/Finance
Economist and barter industry pioneer Virginia B. Robertson debuts with a game-changing and timely exploration INFORMATION CURRENCY: THE LANGUAGE OF VALUE, a ground-breaking and profoundly simple concept based on the basket of goods economic approach that advocates an advanced humanitarian methodology of valuations, exchange, and trade centered on basic human needs. In the wake of COVID-19, the government approach to printing and distributing fiat money with no concern for valuations is unsustainable. Robertson’s innovative approach solves the growing worldwide crisis by advocating a new store of value, and she clearly illustrates how markets across the globe are moving inevitably toward using the model of cryptographic information currency. The book shows how information about value is capitalized and in what ways it functions seamlessly as a medium of exchange.
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