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Survivors' Club
May 9, 2020
M. K. Martin
Fiction: Sci-Fi/Fantasy
In this bestselling medical/military sci-fi thriller, Geneticist Marius Tenartier wants to cure humanity’s worst diseases, but Chrysalis Biopharmaceuticals uses his work to mutate people into terrifying abominations. An outbreak threatens the survival of the human race. With the help of the head of security and the CEO’s fearless daughter, Marius races to stop the spreading infection before it becomes a global pandemic.

The world is on the line, and the clock is ticking.
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International rights, translation rights, film rights
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Domestic print publication rights to Not a Pipe Publishing
Benjamin Gorman
Not a Pipe Publishing
phone: 9715065606
P.O. Box 184, Independence, OR 97351
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