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The Sum of Our Gods
May 9, 2020
Benjamin Gorman
Fiction: General/Other
Joe has been cursed. He must meet with Yahweh, the Creator, once a week for coffee and listen to God complain. Yahweh is a crotchety old deity with a pantheon of family problems. His wife, Frigga, has basically stopped talking to Him, except to keep nagging Him about retiring. His son, Jesus, suffers from crippling depression. Jesus’ estranged wife is plotting a terrorist attack to try to start a holy war. God is fed up with all the drama. He’s perfectly tired and infinitely irritable.

Though God doesn’t seem to care about human problems, Joe’s little, mortal life isn’t perfect, either. In fact, it’s a comedy as black as God’s coffee.
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Domestic print publication rights Croatian rights to Benjamin Gorman's THE SUM OF OUR GODS, to Sanja Petriska at VF Libris, in a nice deal, for publication in 2018, by Not a Pipe Publishing.
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