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Sean Havens Black Ops Series Books 1-3 (Shadow Masters, Primed Charge, Presidential Retreat)
May 5, 2020
JT Patten
Fiction: Thriller
From the shadows of Foggy Bottom to jungles of Burma and seedy streets of Thailand, the SAFE HAVENS Sean Havens black ops series follows an elite but fragile unconventional spy who finds the global intelligence work that has consumed his life may root back to secret societies and the DEEP STATE.

Book 1: Shadow Masters

Father, Husband, Shadow Warrior. Target.

Sean Havens served the government black ops underworld for over 20 years. He lived and operated through corporate cut-outs and within the dark recesses of humanity to protect the country he loved. But when the family he loved was unprotected by his country, Havens's clandestine double life follows him home colliding two very separate worlds. Shock awaits as he learns who is friend or foe in the obscure domestic battlefield. To find sanctuary, he must navigate the intertwined shadows of underhanded proxy surrogate schemes, staged terrorism, and a long thought to be disbanded CIA rival - The Pond. If Havens survives as both protector and punisher, will his soul be among the body count? Few will find safe haven amidst those seeking revenge and refuge within the twisted wreckage of covert eliminations and set-ups.

Book 2: Primed Charge

Sean Havens’ family was shielded from his global black operations work until the two worlds collided. Now, struggling to balance his daughter’s recovery with his own war demons, Havens is cast back into the shadows from within a CIA and Joint Special Operations Command program office. His mission to disrupt a global threat that blends terrorism with financial market disruption to fund elections and power players. His actions may have further consequences with the spy masters of the POND learn of his meddling sending Sean back into the deadly game between the Freemason and Skull and Bones secret society factions within the intelligence community—and beyond. From Chicago to South East Asia, death continues to follow Havens and those in his wake.

Book 3: Presidential Retreat

The deep state isn't pleased with the current president. An assassination would put the Vice President in a prime election position-- if intelligence specialist Sean Havens doesn't thwart the power players' agenda.
Sent undercover to Martha's Vineyard, a historic presidential summer retreat, Havens is tasked to conduct a recovery under the guise of a routine security assessment in advance of POTUS's arrival.
A new threat is exposed forcing Havens into action with no backup save for a mysterious colleague, the Man from Orange, code named BIRDDOG.
Unaware of a conspiracy dating back to our forefathers, Sean Havens is forced to trust old enemies in a twisted plot between the CIA, the Pond, and the upcoming presidential election.
But is it Havens himself who is in the cross hairs?
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