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The Pristine Plot
Apr. 30, 2020
Thornton Cline
Digital: Fiction: Thriller
While digging the grave of Monty Paige’s late wife, Amanda, the gravedigger discovers an old metal box buried six feet below. Monty and the gravedigger fight to claim the box, a time capsule meant to be discovered centuries later. The old capsule holds a secret document from an informant who reveals a complex plot to assassinate the late President William McKinley. Eleven co-conspirators are accused, from the President’s brother, to a U.S. Senator to government officials in the Kremlin. Monty hires a private detective, but their investigation is thwarted by murders, suicides, and deadly cat-and-mouse games. Dark forces attempt to obstruct justice, but the truth prevails when the plot is finally exposed, changing the course of history.
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Hardcover, paperback, E-book, Audio book. TV and film rights worldwide
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This is a historical thriller.
Thornton Cline
Clinetel Music
phone: 6155734880
252 Bayshore Drive, Hendersonville, TN 37075
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