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Sun Water
Apr. 6, 2020
Bianca Rita Cataldi
Digital: Fiction: General
Apulia, 1950’s. The lives of a peasant family of flowers growers and those of a rich family of perfumers are destined to meet and intertwine in an unexpected and irreversible way.
A new great Italian saga.
In the vein of the epic family saga like Elena Ferrante and Stefania Auci a passionate and powerful story.

It is the New Year’s Eve of 1955 and Terlizzi, near Bari in Apulia, south of Italy, is covered by a thick and frozen snow, something people of that region haven’t seen for a long time...
At the home of the Gentile’s family there is a lot of turmoil: a baby girl is about to born. The loud screaming suggests that something is going wrong. But the family can finally celebrate... Going to work is impossible: with such a snow and the men of the Gentile family can’t cultivate the fields nor keep the flowers alive, those flowers that have been sustaining their lives for generations...
But flowers are life also for another family, the Fiorenza, the most important perfumers in Bari.
Once or twice per month in fact, Adriano, the eldest son of Claudio Fiorenza, the great perfumer, leaves his home heading to the Gentile’s farm in order to buy from them the flowers from which the essences will be extracted...
But this is not the only reason. He is longing to meet Margherita. She is the wife of Giulio Gentile, and mother of Michele, a very smart and clever seven-year old boy. During one of these trips Adriano decides to bring with him his youngest daughter, Teresa, who immediately becomes friend with Michele.
Thanks to the bond between the two children and the special precocious intelligence of Michele, his family decides to send him to study in Bari, in the same private school attended by Teresa.
There, in addition to his friend, Michele will also meet with Vittoria, Teresa’s cousin. She is a few years older than him, with a fierce and dynamic attitude...a secret passion for books and an unbreakable bond with his aunt Betta, the crazy and mysterious woman of the Fiorenza family...
Aurora Peccarisi
HarperCollins Italia
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