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Mar. 18, 2020
Mark Andrew Salter
Fiction: Debut
In this divisive year of Donkeys vs. Elephants, SINS OF THE TRIBE explores the impact of intense tribalism and its resulting dehumanization through the illumination of a source of tribalism that is popular, wildly flawed and hiding in plain sight: college football. Written by an insider, Mark Andrew Salter loved being part of his college team and the NFL New York Giants – yet looks at it all through the eyes of a philosopher. This is one of those rare projects we all seek: timely, controversial, informed, and highly promotable.

“The more I read, the more I realized tribalism has been the driving force at the core of all my football experiences. I felt the authenticity with each chapter, it’s the closest you can get to an actual big-time college football experience without actually lacing them up. Want to experience D1 football, read this book!”
Terry Ray, New England Patriots, Super Bowl XXXI

“In SINS OF THE TRIBE, Mark Andrew Salter captures the good, the bad and the ugly of big-time college football. When you read SINS OF THE TRIBE you become part of the team; you are in the locker room, you feel the pressure, the stress and the excitement that these student athletes go through on a day to day basis. It brought me back to my college days! Kudos to Mark!”
William Ard, NY Giants, Super Bowl XXI
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“SINS OF THE TRIBE is so much more than a tale about football. The football storyline is a vehicle, an extremely effective vehicle, employed to investigate group behavior in situations where people are bound by a common culture, language and interests. It shows how people can be driven to pursue worthy goals or sink to despicable, corrupt acts for the perceived good of the tribe. This lesson applies to all walks of life; corporations, labor unions, families, religions, any group that shares an identity.”
Bill Brannen, Executive Director, Nextera Energy Inc., largest U.S. renewable energy company
Cricket Freeman
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