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Living Hinduism: Scriptures Philosophy Practices
Mar. 16, 2020
Non-fiction: Religion/Spirituality
Hinduism is the oldest and largest religion on earth – almost 5000 years old. Religion is the way of life in India and more than a billion people are followers of India’s “eternal faith” where Hinduism is practiced by over eighty percent of the population.
It is not possible to define Hinduism as For Hindu, work is worship and his faith relates to every point of life. Even many from outside the religion embraced the practice of Hinduism. Hindutva believes whatever inspires one to stay truly unselfish be it an ideology or a faith, can lead one towards greater self-realization and ultimate freedom.
The book Living Hinduism: Scriptures Philosophy Practices, written by Samarpan encapsulates the core of Hinduism in simple words that is easily understandable and also appreciated by all generations, especially the youth as they should understand what it means to be Hindu.

Samarpan: Samarpan is a monk in a reputed monastic organization in India. Born in 1960, he took his vows when he was twenty, and since then has been associated with varied organizational work, mostly educational. He was the principal of a well-known residential school and has been associated with medical, rural and relief services. Also, Samarpan has his own you tube channel https://bit.ly/3b15xiy where he continues to teach his powerful technique all over the world.
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‘We had the opportunity of reviewing the previous works of the author. Those were all in the story form. This is different – this is a survey of something which is beyond survey, not for its vastness alone but for the subject matter itself.’ Wordpress.com

‘A young man seeking a way of life stated, “I’d like a path that is as spacious as the universe…a path that includes everyone and every possible belief system.” That path was Hinduism: a religion that is lived and experienced on a daily basis, held strong in the heart, and is open to all who have a desire for spiritual growth.’ Foreword reviews

‘Perception matters in religion, as in everything else. A religion’s essence, as seen by its practitioners and preachers, may lie in peace, forgiveness, unity, etc.; but outsiders often judge it for its apparent practices, say, conversion, dogmatism, vegetarianism, and such.’ Scribd.com
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