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Gym Town: The Crosspocalypse
Mar. 10, 2020
Mike McGraw
Fiction: Thriller
Gym Town is a work of satire focusing on a world where people have segregated themselves by their hobbies. Gym Town, Run Town, Obese City, Sports Town, etc. In Gym Town, they’ve broken down into five main sects: Bodybuilders, Powerlifters, Strongmen, Weightlifters and Crossfitters. Turmoil arises as a small offshoot cult of Crossfit poisons the town with a virus that turns them into sheep-like Crossfit zombies. They roam the streets working out in flash mobs that converts even more to their cult.

How does a town full of one million gym-rat alpha meatheads on steroids get along? Not great. Gym Town is dominated by fitness culture. From pyramid-shaped Bodybuilders, to donut-addicted Crossfitters, each a cult in their own right, they battle for control. One cult has released a deadly rhabdomyolysis virus that turns everyone into Crossfit zombies. Even worse, some turn into vicious Rhabdogs.

Who dares go against the rising Crossfit empire? The biggest meatheads of all, Bodybuilders. Ben, a deflated Bodybuilder, must team up with Rachel, a strawberry blonde die-hard Crossfitter from Australia, to take back their town set ablaze. Their investigation takes them from the Brotein powder plant to the explosive Pre-workout factory. All while dodging flash mobs of hybrid Bodyfitters, Powerfitters, Weightfitters and giant Strongfitters.
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