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The Wanderer
Feb. 28, 2020
Bridget Williams
Fiction: Debut
The Wanderer is X-Men meets The Time Traveler’s Wife—a new adult speculative fiction and a romantic, action, time travel novel. It follows 22-year-old Lizzy Grace who is in the thick of her studies at Knox University. She has always been exceptionally good at history and is on her way to receiving an Oxford Scholarship. However, life takes a turn backward when she finds herself hours behind everyone or hours ahead. She can’t explain it. Nor can she explain her attraction to the alluring new Dean of History, Phillip Desmond. He’s timelessly attractive, curiously young and has implemented a peculiar exchange program. Soon, Lizzy learns that these “exchange students” and Phillip are not who they say they are. In fact, they are an extremely rare and secret group of people called Time Keepers, who do not belong in the present but the past. Their purpose is to ensure history takes its course and Lizzy is the seventh Time Keeper they had been looking for. Suddenly, Lizzy is cast into a world where she must learn her new responsibilities and prepare for when she leaps back in time to keep history on track.
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