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Flower Shower: The Culture of Flowers in India
Feb. 18, 2020
Dr Alka Pande
Non-fiction: Illustrated/Art
The book Flower Shower: The Culture of Indian Flowers unfolds the significance of flowers in Indian culture, history, myths and tradition. This book explores the spiritual relevance of flowers in our tradition, as symbols of strength, purity and generosity. Also, flowers play vital roles as motifs in Indian art, sculpture, architecture, literature and textiles, as culinary ingredients and as divine offerings. Author takes us through an immersive journey laden with the beauty and fragrances of the exotic, nutritional and decorative roles of flowers within Indian tradition and asthetics. There is a flower for every reason, every season and a special one for numerous Gods and Goddesses of Indian religion. This book features a vast compendium of images, deeply insightful, traverses the range and depth of Indian culture, rides the readers on a journey which is part memory, part research, part asthetics and part lived experience.

About the author:
Dr Alka Pande is an art critic and curator, teacher and writer and theorist. She has been passionately involved with the world of art for nearly three decades. She completed her post-doctoral studies in Critical Art Theory from Goldsmith College, University of London in the year 2000. At the age of 41 she had received Charles Wallace Award and continues to focus on the promotion of art by combining art and education with continuing engagement with Indian asthetics. Presently she is the Consultant Art Advisor and Curator of The Visual Arts Gallery at the Indian Habitat Centre, New Delhi. In 2009 she received the Australian Council Special Award was also awarded with L’Oreal Paris Femina Women Awards 2015.
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‘The book is a treatise on the usage of flowers in India’s rich history, mythology, cultural, architectural and as asthetics motifs.’ The Hindu

‘Flowers are the links that string together diverse spheres such as art and architecture, history and mythology, religion and economics in India. Alka Pande explores these connections in FLOWER SHOWER: THE CULTURE OF FLOWERS IN INDIA (Niyogi, Rs1,995), a richly illustrated- and strongly scented-volume that combines images of valuable artwork and artefacts with uninspired and kitschy stock photographs.’ The Telegraph

‘Flowering gardens have long inspired Indian culture, mythology, literature and art. The classical Sanskrit texts, the epics and the ancient poetry of the subcontinent are replete with examples of poets who extol the wonders of the natural world. While forests, groves, orchards, bowers and jungles are all prominently featured, the garden is what is most fascinating. It is a space that is simultaneously the domain of man and nature, a place where the two coexist in perfect harmony.’ The Hindu Business Line
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